Windows Phone: WP7ProgressBar

Windows Phone:

This library targets to bring awsome home windows phone 7 and home windows 10 progress bar to android strategies. Here is the instance:

Add jitPack maven to your project level repositories:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Then build this line on your module level gradle:

implementation 'com.github.shadowalker77:wp7progressbar:1.0.1'

Now you would spend these two awesome progress bar:

  • WP7ProgressBar
  • WP10ProgressBar

Add this lines to your structure:

Add this lines to your structure:

Aspects of both of these views might be customzied, as an illustration for WP7ProgressBar:

There are two systems which you might be able to spend to ticket and cover these views. For both of them, on your java code:

WP7ProgressBar progressBar = findViewById(R.identity.progressBar);
// for exhibiting
// for hiding

You are going to be ready to spend these progress bars for api calls easly. How?

  • Parallel API name: In case of parallel api name, whereas you name showProgressBar() strategy x times, it be a must to name hideProgressBar() strategy x times to boot. So progress bar will proceed to ticket until you name precisely x time.
  • Sequence API name: On this case, whereas you name hideProgressBar() strategy then name showProgressBar() strategy after that directly, progress bar will no longer cover and ticket itself in repeat to give user a better abilities.

While you had any quiz or anxiety, please invent no longer hesitate to contact me: e-mail address:

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