BlockChain: eHealth and ageing well at ICT 2018 – top 10 things not to miss


Regain out what not to omit at the ICT 2018 event in the event you is seemingly to be attracted to technology and innovation for health and lengthening older effectively.

BlockChain: 1. The Digital Citizen

Convention session ‘The Digital Citizen’, 5 December (sixteen:30-18:00)

Cell health, personalised treatment, the Web of Issues, the use of synthetic intelligence, big recordsdata and blockchain will fundamentally switch the technique we work collectively in the health and care sector. How would possibly maybe perhaps also light we technique these developments? A high-stage panel of experts will explicit their opinions. (Corridor B, Level 2)

BlockChain: 2. Try out modern health & care solutions at the exhibition

Seek for the exhibition stands with floor-breaking solutions for health administration, recordsdata administration and elderly care:

MyAirCoach (asthma, orderly inhaler), Pepper (diabetes, synthetic intelligence), SoundofVision (sounds to handbook the visible impaired), SelfBack (low succor pain administration), MyHealthMyData (block chain), i-Prognosis (engaging Parkinson detection), HeartMan (coronary heart failure administration), RAMCIP (care robot), Rehability (video games for health, neuro-rehabilitation), ICView (health center emergency room administration), MoveCare (virtual empathic caregiver), Retrainer (robotics for rehabilitation after stroke), MyCyfApp (Cystic Fibrosis administration).

BlockChain: Three. Funding alternatives in Horizon 2020 

Join the information sessions in regards to the finest technique to prepare a proposal and in regards to the funding alternatives for eHealth and Active Ageing initiatives:

Four December (17:00 – 17:forty five) ICT for Health, Smartly-Being and Ageing I (Room L2)

SC1-DTH-01-2019 – Gigantic Recordsdata and Man made Intelligence for monitoring health standing and fine of existence after the cancer treatment; SC1-HCC-02-2019 – Enhance for the immense scale uptake of initiate carrier platforms in the Active and Wholesome Ageing enviornment.

5 December (11:30 – 12:15) ICT for Health, Smartly-Being and Ageing II (Room L2)

SC1-DTH-09-2019 – Scaling up the univocal Identification of Medicinal Products; SC1-DTH-05-2019 – Gigantic scale implementation of digital innovation for health and care in an increasing older society; SC1-DTH-11-2019 – Gigantic Scale pilots of personalised & end result essentially essentially based utterly constructed-in care.

BlockChain: Four. Regain investments or companions at the face-to-face brokerage and startups forum

Join a face-to-face brokerage assembly, enjoy a see at the checklist of participants and meet other folks at the innovation and startups forum.

BlockChain: 5. Handsome residing pilots for energetic & wholesome increasing older

Active and Assisted Residing Pilot convention session at Imagine18: ‘Three in 1 – Handsome Residing, Honest IoT and Datamarket’, 5 December (11:30-Thirteen:00). You can perhaps also discuss over with the AAL pilot exhibition stand in the Austrian Village.

in digital merchandise and companies for Active and Assisted Residing (AAL)? Throughout the pilots (RegionAAL, WAALTeR, Handsome vitAALity and fit4AAL) in varied areas and cities of Austria a fluctuate of AAL solutions for older other folks’s independence and social participation, bettering their private safety, health and effectively-being are being evaluated. This would possibly maybe even light present definite proof of the affect of AAL on individual, institutional and societal levels. (Corridor F, Level zero)

BlockChain: 6. Blockchain in healthcare

‘Blockchain capabilities in healthcare recordsdata administration and switch’, 5 December (10:00-10:forty five)

What’s the different of blockchain solutions in healthcare? The session will discuss key challenges and alternatives, similar to integrating blockchain solutions with existing IT systems, combining them with other applied sciences and recordsdata interoperability considerations. (Room M1) Visit also the MyHealthMyData exhibition stand.

BlockChain: 7. Networking to form future healthcare

‘DigiTwins: the long plug of tablets, prevention and effectively-being’, Four December (17:00-17:forty five)

A ‘Digital Twin’ is an ICT-, recordsdata- and mannequin-pushed appropriate personalisation of treatment preference, prevention and effectively-being, in accordance with an broad natural characterisation of every individual. This would possibly occasionally invent the cornerstone of future health care systems (and biomedical learn), predicting the natural penalties of treatment and health repairs alternate choices. The DigiTwins Team is practising similar to resolution as share of a original FET-Flagship deliver. (Room L7)

‘Realizing the promise of in-silico treatment. Challenges and alternatives’, 5 December (17:30-18:15)

Gigantic recordsdata capabilities and illness items enjoy proven their capability to predict scientific states and counsel the finest and constructive care pathways to physicians. But why is treatment overall light some distance in the succor of other sectors when it involves adopt developed computational solutions for resolution-making and task administration? (Room 2.Forty four)

‘Digital Transformation of Health & Care: How to empower European electorate’, Four December (sixteen:00-sixteen:forty five)

Organised by the AAL Programme (a funding method co-supported by the Commission and 19 Member States), this networking session brings collectively professionals to debate the wants & aspirations of people inside health and care eco-systems and what it takes to collaborate amongst those eco-systems spherical Europe. (Room L8)

‘The Digital Health Society’, 6 December (09:00-09:forty five)

This networking session regularly is the different to debate in regards to the foundations of a ‘digital health society’, e.g. a society utterly integrating digital to its health and care map and extracting all advantages from leading applied sciences similar to AI, HPC, -omics applied sciences, 5G, VR/AR, cybersecurity, Blockchain…(Room M1)

BlockChain: eight. Networking for a wholesome age-good society

‘Careables – Hardware for Healthcare’, Four December (17:00-17:forty five): ‘Careables’ are about linking electorate with disabilities, their families, and healthcare professionals with makers/designers to set up collaboration between them to construct initiate-source interventions.This networking session is organised by the Austrian Centre for Social Innovation – ZSI, Abilities & Recordsdata. (Room 1.61-1.62)

‘Connected Health Machine for Frailty Prevention’, 5 December (10:00-10:forty five): The FrailSafe modern ICT resolution and platform permits us to greater perceive frailty and thus greater prevent it. Older other folks can use digital instruments, treasure orderly wearables and excessive video games, to video show their health including their frailty levels and extend the onset of frailty. (Room L5

‘Facilitating co-creation of digital public companies: the Cell-Age instruments‘, 5 December (10:00-10:forty five): The Horizon2020 Cell Age venture is finalising a series of instruments to co-invent eGovernment solutions and public companies, with a explicit level of curiosity on older people, social companies, age-good routes, mobility and eHealth. (Room L6)

‘Handsome Wholesome Age-Marvelous Environments‘, 5 December (11:30-12:15): The workshop intends to debate the Joint Assertion released in November regarding Handsome Wholesome Age-Marvelous Environments (SHAFE), in the direction of the creation of a White Paper on SHAFE. The plan is to toughen the 2 main aspects of Age-Marvelous Environments – Areas and Individuals – in the creation of eHealth and mHealth solutions – specifically centered on fine and costs. (Room zero.ninety four-zero.95)

‘Deepest Digital Twin: AI meets bodily disclose’, 5 December (11:30-12:15): This networking session is about digitising the fitness club atmosphere with the serve of Man made Intelligence (AI). (Room 2.95)

BlockChain: 9. Human Brain Project

Be taught more about this EU-supported Flagship Project aiming at determining how the (wholesome and diseased) mind works. It is some distance building an ICT Be taught Infrastructure that will allow researchers worldwide to work collectively and walk advancements in the fields of neuroscience, computing and mind-connected treatment.

The Human Brain Project is organising a networking session, Supercomputers & Silicon Brains: the Human Brain Project, on 5 December (11:30-12:15) in Room 1.61-1.62. You can perhaps also discuss over with their stand at the exhibition.

BlockChain: 10. Closing and awards ceremony with Commissioner Gabriel

On 6 December (Thirteen:00-Thirteen:30), Commissioner Mariya Gabriel (Digital Financial system and Society) and Minister Norbert Hofer (Transport, Innovation and Abilities) will shut ICT 2018 and recount the winners of the Innovation Radar Prize (you will be ready to light vote except 12 November), Digital Skills Awards and FIWARE Challenges Hackathon. (Corridor A, Level 2) 

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