BlockChain: kin-base 1.0.0


Code for managing blockchain transactions and accounts utilizing stellar-gruesome in python. Enables stout efficiency interfacing with the Horizon entrance end. Seek suggestion from for extra files.

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py-stellar-sdk is a Python library for communicating with
a Stellar Horizon server. It is stale for constructing Stellar apps on Python.

It affords:

  • a networking layer API for Horizon endpoints.
  • facilities for constructing and signing transactions, for communicating with a Stellar Horizon event, and for submitting transactions or querying community historical past.

BlockChain: Installing

Set up from pypi, there are two applications here, please purchase regarded as one of them:

pip set up -U family members-gruesome

BlockChain: A Straightforward Instance

# Alice pay 10.25 XLM to Bob
from stellar_base.builder import Builder


builder = Builder(secret=alice_secret)
builder.add_text_memo("Hiya, Stellar!").append_payment_op(
    destination=bob_address, quantity='10.25', asset_code='XLM')
response = builder.submit()

BlockChain: Download files

Download the file for your platform. Whenever you would possibly well maybe be not sure which to purchase, be taught extra about installing applications.

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