IoT Technology: Monitor Home/Office Room Temperature on Your Desktop

IoT Technology:

To video display rooms or places of work or any the place we are in a position to utilize this mission and that’s display with so many well-known points fancy graph, right time temperature and much extra.

We are the usage of:

Initially, we now desire to produce yarn on this IoT platform, and put this code in your Wemos DI and interface your LM35 sensor with Wemos D1 as proven in scheme after which job some step on Iot platform as proven in ppt.

Prove PPT for added info about IoT platform.

Or now not it’s indispensable to snatch your own mission code (it would supply by thingsIO.AI, as proven in PPT) and add onto microcontroller.

IoT Technology: Step 1: Step by Step Process of This Challenge

IoT Technology: LM35.pdfLM35.pdf

IoT Technology: Step 2: Code

Or now not it’s indispensable so to add this code into your micro controller. Here I’m the usage of wemos d1 and have to import factor you own to change your wifi SSID and Password.(Here Mine is SSID : DDIK Makadia and Password : kidd123456789)

IoT Technology: LM35_ThighsIO.inoLM35_ThighsIO.ino

IoT Technology: Step Three: Design

Or now not it’s indispensable to connect your LM35 sensor as proven in figure.

IoT Technology: Fragment

    IoT Technology: Strategies

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