Windows Phone: You Ask, I Answer: Conference Gear for Audio and Video

Windows Phone:

Windows Phone: You Put a seek files from to, I Resolution: Convention Equipment for Audio and Video

Amy asks, “I saw this frigid setup you were utilizing on the marketing profs conference – would you mind sharing what hardware/software you former? I am in the occasions residence and making an try to enact extra unprejudiced recordings esteem this. Thanks!”


  • Kimafun wi-fi microphone
  • Square Jellyfish smartphone tripod mount
  • Ultrapod II moveable tabletop tripod
  • TASCAM DR-05 moveable recorder


  • Camtasia video editor
  • Audacity audio editor
  • ffmpeg transcoder

Gape our making improvements to path of right here.

Gaze an example of the final product right here.

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Windows Phone: Machine-Generated Transcript

What follows is an AI-generated transcript. The transcript could well unprejudiced bear errors and is now now not another option to looking on the video.

In presently’s episode, Amy asks, I saw this frigid setup you’re utilizing on the marketingprofs conference, would you mind sharing what hardware and software former I’m in the event residence and tried to enact extra unprejudiced recordings esteem this

sizable seek files from. So Amy used to be referring to the truth that the, unless explicitly forbidden, I are possible to file all of my keynote talks. Because a, I are desirous to know how I sound and I said the relaxation that used to be functional and be because a range of cases I are wanting in an effort to compose the divulge material and distribute it very, very rapidly. On the entire, when I enact my absorb video, I could bear the video edited and accessible within 24 hours of the event. So a form of issues where

it’s, it’s functional to the attendees, they in the event that they desired to put in mind something, they couldn’t put in mind precisely what

I said, Howdy, right here’s the video, right here’s the audio and many others.

So let me narrate one of the crucial equipment that I former enact this and one of the crucial software and there’s a separate

video that

I even bear. It’s up on the belief insights YouTube channel, how I enact the particular making improvements to path of, however I’m in a position to narrate some of it right here. So first, let’s discuss regarding the hardware. This tiny contraption right here’s a Three fragment tripod and there’s two

pieces the clamp is by sq. jellyfish. By the vogue, all this your entire know-how pieces are links in the weblog put up. So verify the present notes to gather to the particular URLs for all these pieces. They’re affiliate links on Amazon. So stout disclosure. So there’s the the the smartphone tripod mount. I esteem this out. Because it rotates

it’ll in fact enact portrait or or landscape mode to your telephone. I don’t know why any individual would ever file themselves in portrait. But whereas you’d opt to enact video chat or something that’s functional, and it’s unprejudiced bought the expandable clamp so it’ll absorb to a sizable telephone.

Here’s a mount by extremely pod. Here’s the extremely pod to I former to make employ of the grill sigh regret quantities, however the legs retain breaking on me. So this one’s helpful. x is the identical as dart tabletop or I’ll fold up and I’m in a position to

take care of the Velcro and unprejudiced gather of strap it

to a pole and then adjust the head in verbalize that I’m in a position to it’s it’s the right kind orientation. I enact this loads with lighting fixtures polls. So if there’s an event that has lighting fixtures of some gather of strapped to the pole, , clamp it down and it’s ready to switch. And naturally the the smartphone goes in right here now the video and the audio are separate.

So I don’t try and enact the audio on the identical narrate. What I enact next


I could take care of I even bear a role cam Dr. 05 which is a really superb audio quarter that the mic goes proper in the tip right here. After which I even bear the the staff of fun the head

passe headset which is a wi-fi narrate so there’s a half down right here right here is half over right here has about a fluctuate of 10 ish feet I judge give or take care of and so it’s it’s now now not unsuitable for for that what I enact with that’s in fact easy. I take care of the

place the chemo fun on the rostrum in overall, or the lectern or whatever is nearby. After which I could file the audio from that on on this bought

right here. And this gives me your mp3 or WAV layout. On the entire for teach, that you just must restore an mp3 layout. I do know that whereas you are doing something high constancy, esteem suppose or music, you in fact are desirous to file and wave however for teach, it’s ideal.

Um, one of many difficulty I’ll enact is I’ll take care of a energy pack, , this tiny,

these tiny ribbon narrate is that of us give away a conference and change displays these are fun because

I stick on the attend of the energy pack of this. On the entire I could place

on the band of the tripod, proper. So I’ll weave this this thru right here. And this formulation, I’m in a position to budge in my energy cable proper to the smartphone, the phone mount, and that plan I don’t bear to fright the phone working out of battery wallets enact recordings. One serious narrate as a minimal for iPhones, I don’t know about Android,

be particular it’s an airplane mode. While you’re recording video,

I even bear had

unlucky cases previously where

I’ve been recording video, and it went of call got right here in or something. And that interrupts the app and the video app. I don’t know why Apple doesn’t repair that. But so be it. So these are the main hardware pieces. Undergo in mind, audio and video are separate. The audio is on the rostrum, the video is continuously in the attend of the room, I’ll strive to position as some distance attend as I’m in a position to, because

you are desirous to raise the target audience whereas that you just must, as a minimal as a speaker. So that you just must seek their reactions esteem each person’s esteem, on their telephone, playing games, whatever. Okay, clearly nobody’s paying attention to this fragment wish to rewrite that fragment of the speech.

Now the making improvements to path of the audio is accessible in from the duty cam

take care of that into Audacity. I esteem the audacity editor. Because frankly, it’s free.

And it’s in fact in fact proper. It now whereas you are already paying, particularly whereas you’re at an establishment, a corporation whereas you’re already paying for Adobe Creative Cloud, then employ even supposing we audition to enact the audio making improvements to since you’re paying for it will employ it.

The issues to enact there are aesthetic it normalize that since that you just must gather some

entertaining effects. And you are desirous to enact dynamic compression on the audio. So esteem proper away what we’re doing

right here because I’m speaking in a pretty narrow band of audio, meaning I’m now now not yelling, and I’m now now not whispering I’m in a position to unprejudiced enact your typical leveling, however you are desirous to enact normalization whereas you’re doing public speaking, because as a public speaker, some the passe bear much extra variants and the plan loud you are. And so you are desirous to normalize that then

construct a WAV file of that take care of that take care of place it into campaign Asia, place your video into camp Asia, and then you line up the audio in the video together so that they are in sync however now now not a header in the attend of every numerous. This gives you one additional support as a minimal as a speaker and it gives you the dwelling

and by that I suggest residence noise since the telephones in the attend of the room. So the phone is going to consume up some the reverb proper. So you are desirous to to enact a tiny bit ducking incantation to lessen that however for issues esteem q amp a from the target audience and particularly as a speaker and an occasions supervisor whereas you’re in the whereas you’re producing audio for occasions you want applause proper you want you want the sounds of the event that of us Leo cheering or or laughing along strains and

the head one Mike does a really

proper job of taking away the surrounding noise. So you are desirous to bring some of that attend in whereas you happen to

whereas you happen to are doing the making improvements to to. And that’s what the telephones audio is going to present you gives you the skill to herald out the dwelling sounds as you will want them.

After which I’ll take care of that WAV file generally. And to boot I’ll take care of the stage at video as soon as it’s completed. After which I’ll feed it to a free software known as f f. MPEG. It is some distance a sigh line software. It is some distance a technical software it is now now not there is no particular person interface it be indispensable to form commands into the sigh line however is a really, very highly nice software for converting one gather of media to 1 other. And what I could enact is I’ll take care of the final video file and I could bear that modified into an mp3 that then becomes both a podcast episode or I could ship it to an app known as otter Ott er that will enact machine learning transcription of the audio so for the event I’ll take care of the transcript I’ll take care of the audio and flip proper into a transcript and that plan

that you just must seek the video that you just must download the audio whereas you’d opt to hear to it the auto that you just must gather the slides as a PDF however that you just must gather the transcript of the discuss as a PDF


whereas you whereas you are working an occasions company you will are desirous to shine it up because

it comes out a good deal as is for a speaker that you just must catch gather away with both reckoning on how much time you are going to need and whereas you are going to desire a VA or now now not however I esteem that because it gives each person these your talks in the layout that they’re most elated ingesting they Some of us opt to hear Some of us opt to glance some of us opt to read in verbalize that’s gather of the path of

for turning a chat into a entire bunch numerous media and for giving it to of us in the gather of that they need all this hardware doubtlessly as a minimal said and completed doubtlessly about $200 total

with the exception of for the phone to pay whatever you pay for the phone

this man I judge it’s esteem 25 bucks the headsets 50 this man’s seventy two I judge there’s the relaxation

that’s that’s about it contagious a pair hundred bucks I take into consideration

however you don’t wish to make employ of it that you just must employ esteem I movie or Windows Movie Maker I in my opinion wouldn’t however I esteem camp Asia because it would possibly possibly possibly maybe well also enact is esteem image in image and and diagrams. If some talks on the video isn’t sizable. I could esteem present the slides I’ll bear the slides been picking a image and image whatever if I are desirous to substantiate with be esteem in fact, in fact smartly professionally edited.

Or if I’m in a position to’t seek the camouflage in the video I captured in verbalize that’s the path of glance the many video

and verify out the links in the present notes. While you are desirous to gather any of this equipment again, disclosure or affiliate links in it. Thanks for looking at and please subscribe to the YouTube channel newsletter i’ll verify with you soon

favor abet solving your company’s files analytics and digital marketing issues.

Here’s belief

presently and allow us to know how we will have the option to allow you to

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